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Search Our Vast Inventory for Used Auto Parts

Our Auto Parts Inventory Will Not Disappoint You

Need an auto part? Take a look at our extensive inventory. Whether it's a tire, starter, or motor, you're bound to find it in our computerized database. If not, we'll find it for you. See our inventory and find competitive prices that are ideal for your budget!
Auto Parts

Get the Right WARRANTY on Our Auto Parts

 • 90-day WARRANTY on all auto parts
 • Six-month limited WARRANTY
 • Six-month full WARRANTY
 • One-year limited WARRANTY
 • One-year full WARRANTY
 • Two-year limited WARRANTY
 • Two-year full WARRANTY
Auto Parts

Find Your Auto Parts at Our Warehouse

We buy your vehicles, test all the parts, take pictures of them, and then add this information into our computerized database. Check out our inventory and choose from a wide selection of auto parts that are available at competitive prices. Else, come and visit us and let our experts help you find the part you need. Call us today.

We can both ship and deliver parts to you. 
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Mack's Auto Recycling will GUARANTEE to work hard to find any used auto part that you're looking for.
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